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Do you look around at other successful people, and think

to yourself, …they are amazing, talented, beautiful and have

what it takes to succeed and achieve their goals…

BUT NOT YOU, somehow you weren’t born with the right stuff!

Maybe, you have already tried to work hard at achieving something or growing a business, and still feel like you’re getting nowhere!! It’s like you just keep hitting a wall and end up right back where you started!! You wonder why you even bothered to try in the first place! Can you really can change, succeed, and do something more with your life?

I completely understand how that feels and was right there with you!

After a number of years, being a mom and homeschooling my kids, I was itching to do something because I felt like I was in a rut.  I needed to get out of the house and work on something that I was accomplishing.

A few Network Marketing businesses crossed my path and I decided to try the one where you didn’t need any skill to sell the product. I just had to buy a lot of it, put it out for people to see at one of those “home parties”, and they choose what they want to buy.

WHY did I choose this business?

Because I didn’t have any skill…I didn’t like talking to people, especially strangers, and I didn’t want to have to sell anything to anyone!

But the weirdest thing happened  …after a few months I actually had people asking to join my business…and I never even asked them to join! I definitely knew this was God’s doing because there was no other explanation!!  It was exciting, this is what every network marketer wants, but it also got me worried!

How do I help these people succeed?”

I was more concerned about their success than my own!!  But there was a problem… I had no clue how to help them and knew I needed to learn some skills right away!

I  came across some training I could really stand behind…where they talked about honouring people, treating them as you want to be treated, being genuine! This was what I wanted to follow… so I bought the book, and also went to the first of many training events that changed my life!

You have to understand this….I was starting from GROUND ZERO before all my training.  I was shy!    I didn’t like talking to people I didn’t know!

I didn’t have a huge group of friends! I was incredibly fearful of talking in front of a crowd! I didn’t think anyone would listen to anything I had to say.

BUT, if my heart really was to help people succeed then I had a lot of work to do on growing who I was and increasing my skills!

Through investing into myself over the past 10 years I not only gained skills in business, but it has helped me improve in all areas of my life…as a wife,  a mom, in our finances, our health, our mindset and more. Today when people meet me and I tell them who I was, they can hardly believe it.

My life has changed that much!

I say all that, to say this… the thing that still motivates me more than anything is the same as it was at the beginning …

…the desire to help others succeed!

You, who are reading this right now…


If I can improve my life, so can you!!

If I can grow a business, so can you!!

I am here to help you learn from my wins, my failures, and from the countless hours of training I have invested into to improve my life and to grow a business. I am here to help you reach places you never thought possible, and to get you there faster. But you have to do your part too.

This is a place where it is about YOU SUCCEEDING, and learning to live life BETTER!  That is my GOAL!

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